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We’re a mixed group of people of all ages, all genders and all walks of life.


Our MARCH 2021 Book Club read is:


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WEDNESDAY, 10 MARCH 2021 at 6.00pm


THE SECRET AGENT is a story of espionage, intrigue and corruption,

based on a real-life attempted terrorist attack in Victorian London.

Shop owner Adolf Verloc, is a member of an anarchist group and secret agent for a foreign government. He is summoned to meet Mr Vladimir, the country's ambassador, who asks him to carry out a terrorist attack at a famous London landmark.

Verloc has misgivings, but Mr Vladimir knows how to make people do what he wants, and when the plan goes wrong, it is Verloc - as well as his young wife, Winnie - who must deal with the consequences.


The Secret Agent was one of literature's first political thrillers,

and is widely considered to be among Conrad's most compelling works

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