The Travelling Through… Book Club meets every six weeks on a Tuesday at 6.30pm. We’re a mixed group of people of all ages, all genders and all walks of life.


The next Book Club read is:


by author

Geoff Dyer

'In the race to be first in describing the lost generation of the 1980s, Geoff Dyer in The Colour of Memory leads past the winning post. 'We're not lost,' one of his hero's friend's says, 'we're virtually extinct'.

It is a small world in Brixton that Dyer commemorates, of council flat and instant wasteland, of living on the dole and the scrounge, of mugging, which is merely begging by force, and of listening to Callas and Coltrane.

It is the nostalgia of the DHSS Bohemians, the children of unsocial security, in an urban landscape of debris and wreckage.

We will be meeting on

Tuesday, 7 July 2020 @ 6.30pm

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