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(Southeast Europe consultant-expert for the Council of Europe):

Emma Carmichael’s utterly delightful book chronicles a journey through the Balkans in all its unexpected delight and well described tension.


It is a journey through countries I thought I knew quite well until I read this book. Emma’s heart-warming and often heart-stopping account of one woman’s drive through a relatively unexplored and uncelebrated part of Europe puts us alongside her in her tiny car on her perilous and often hilarious journey.


Hats off – Edith Durham and Rebecca West would both have recognised Emma as a fellow traveller in (more humorously) unpicking the reality within the enigma that is the Balkans.


I launched my first non-fiction travel memoir Driving Tito: Through the Balkan Backroads with a Celebrity in June 2019.


If you want to know more about travelling independently in a vintage car, the Balkans, female solo travel, or just need a light and entertaining read, this book could be for you! 


Driving Tito is available to purchase as a paperback in all good bookshops, or online in paperback or eBook format, wherever you are in the world - and on whatever reading medium you use!

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