Podcaster, Writer and Traveller

Hello, and thanks for checking out my website.


I’m Emma, and I am a writer and podcaster, a lover of old buildings and vintage cars, a conservation building surveyor and an advocate for responsible independent travel.


Travelling Through… is about discovering world cultures, community and a sense of place through my eyes.


I owned a bookshop, café-bar business (called Travelling Through…) in Waterloo, London for 5 years which closed in June 2019 but the spirit of the place still lives on through my social media following, Newsletter, the Travelling Through… Book Club, and most recently, the Travelling Through... Podcast.


Whether you like to travel or prefer the armchair approach, I hope to bring you inspiration, motivation and spark your curiosity to discover more about life, our world and our cultures.


Perhaps we shall meet through book club gatherings, podcast recordings or on the travelling road, but which ever way, I look forward to hearing your story.

Exploring London, the World, and Life, one day at a time.

In the summer of 2009, I drove around the Balkans in a four-wheeled vintage Yugoslav Zastava 750S.


In June 2019, I published Driving Tito: Through The Balkan Backroads with a Celebrity - which is an account of my journey.


I was interviewed by Dave Hodgson on the Talk Radio Europe drive time show in September 2019 while walking the Portuguese Camino from Porto to Tui. Luckily I found a quiet cafe from where I could load up Skype on my phone and carry out the interview while standing with my back against the wall for the best internet signal... here's what I had to say!

Image by Malte Wingen