AFEW WEEKS AGO... June 13th to be precise, I realised it was so long since I had read a book for pleasure, leisure or to stretch my brain and it was about time I got back in to the rhythm of it again.
It seems incredible that while having a bookshop I never had time to read for pleasure and as the book club members would vouch, it was a rare feat if I got to the end of the book club book in time for our meet. However, I am a great believer in the philosophy that as long as I’ve done my best there’s no point in beating yourself up, it helps no one and least of all you! But I am sure you are all wise enough to know this already.
So I’m going to start with some slim spined writings first until I get back into the reading groove again.
If this resonates with you, why not join along on my reading journey. Each week I’ll be announcing a new read in my Newsletter (you can subscribe below), and after every four books, I'll be summarising (briefly) my thoughts.


Here's to a book quest, a reading quest and of course some mind-stretching in the process! Come join me, it will be great to have you alongside embracing the same weekly book reading journey!

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