LIFE'S CURVEBALLS... can be pretty painful when they hit you centre on. No one is immune, and when it comes to health it's generally our immune system which is quite often letting us down one way or another.


The problem is there's so much noise out there, so many quick fix drugs, so many diets and eating fads, I for one have always avoided them all and just gone with what my gut instinct is telling me. However, when you are travelling, or working ridiculous hours, or just plain hungry it's easy just to eat whatever.

But recently I have been introduced to Dr Steven Gundry and his way of thinking that our health is influenced by the health of our gut, with his mantra being that "we are what we feed our gut buddies".

And if we feed our gut buddies too many lectins, too much fruit, and not enough leafy greens and good oils like olive oil, and avocado oil we let our bad gut buddies reak havoc around our body causing heart disease, auto immune disease, cancer, dementia to name but a few of the top nasties none of us want to have but most of us are getting because we've got a "leaky gut".

The good news is that it's easy to get your body back in to working the way it should and that's why I'm on the 30-day plant paradox programme instead of "sober-October" to see if it does make a difference to my overall mood, health and well-being.

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The Plant Paradox : Quick and Easy
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