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Travelling Through… with Emma is about discovering world cultures, community and a sense of place through her eyes.

And, to get the ball rolling, she has published her first book which describes her solo travels through the Balkans in a vintage car – a road journey she undertook 10 years ago – before vintage Zastavas started getting trendy!!

Check out her book here DRIVING TITO Through the Balkan Backroads with a Celebrity. You can read the blurb and buy the book too from where ever you are in the world ;)

While Travelling Through… the bookshop is no longer operational, Emma is looking at ways to harness the spirit that has been created over the last five years. She’s still at the planning stage so do stay with us, watch this space, keep signed up to the Newsletter and keep your eye on the social media channels too!

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Have you read Emma’s book DRIVING TITO: Through the Balkan Backroads with a Celebrity…?

Emma Carmichael’s utterly delightful book chronicles a journey through the Balkans in all its unexpected delight and well described tension. It is a journey through countries I thought I knew quite well until I read this book. Emma’s heart-warming and often heart-stopping account of one woman’s drive through a relatively unexplored and uncelebrated part of Europe puts us alongside her in her tiny car on her perilous and often hilarious journey. Hats off – Edith Durham and Rebecca West would both have recognised Emma as a fellow traveller in (more humorously) unpicking the reality within the enigma that is the Balkans.

A big thank you to Mr. J.S. Bold for his positive endorsement. :)


Learning how to use the jack - just in case! ©Emma Carmichael

En route to Montenegro, from Croatia (October 2009) ©Emma Carmichael

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