How it all began… from Pipedream to Reality

How it all began… from Pipedream to Reality

Everyone has at least one pipedream don’t they?  A place to indulge one’s imagination.  A place where nothing really goes wrong because rose-tinted spectacles are sat firmly on the end of our noses as we peer into the thought clouds of our imagination in a moment of indulgence, shutting out whatever it is that is hacking us off while murmuring the words, “If only…. ”

Then one day something hacks you off to such an extent (and just one too many times), it tips you headlong over the edge of reason.  Frustration, futility, or perhaps despair prevails and your subconscious kicks in grabbing hold of the only thing it knows can save you…. the pipedream.

Ok perhaps a little melodramatic but that’s how life can seem at times don’t you think?  And admittedly for me it’s taken five years of contemplation, other distractions and the development of (what I believe to be) a realistic business plan in this era of uncertainty and financial upheaval before I have totally succumbed to the power of my pipedream and turn it into a reality.

Soooo, now I’m wondering whether I will need another pipedream – as backup you understand – just in case.  Perhaps one will form with time, although I hope it’s related to the current one!  Anyway, for the time being it’s full steam ahead with Travelling Through… the fusion bookshop, cafe, culture hub and art space linking culture, community and place.  The exact details of where and when will be released soon – don’t want to jinx it at this point…





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  • Tracy

    Dreams do come true. Well done on all the hard work and having the courage to embark on a journey to achieve your dreams. Can’t wait to stop by on a regular basis x

  • Martin

    What a great idea. Books, art, good conversation and food!
    Looking forward to coffee and a slice of exotic cake with my book.
    Thanks also for your recent travel reading recommendation. It proved to be more useful than our local guide.

  • colin

    Popped in yesterday 19th Jan: WOW what a delightful paladins cave unfolded. A jewel in the crown around waterloo. We shall return!! XX

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