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Travelling Through aims to promote the arts and crafts of artists from a wealth of cultural backgrounds living in London.  The artwork presented will be for sale and will be based on a theme centred around cultural awareness and a sense of place.  Whether a gift for yourself or for someone else, you will be supporting relatively unknown artists from London’s world communities. 

We change our artist every month so come for a look at the latest work. 

If you would like us to consider showcasing your work, please contact us for more details at:



December 2016 Exhibition at Travelling Through…

We are delighted to welcome back all the artists who have exhibited their work in the Art Space throughout this year for our final exhibition of 2016.  This group show will have pieces from all the artists who have origins both in the UK and around the world representing four continents.

The artists exhibiting are:

 Shobha Das, India & UK

 Renee Rilexie, The Americas

 Charlotte Harker, UK with a focus on UK trees

 Madeleine McGivern, UK with a focus on Gaza & Palestine

 Rita Abreu, Portugal & UK

 Piers Calvert, UK with a focus on Colombia

 Steve Holder, UK with a focus on Mandalas

 Isao Miura, Japan with a focus on The Narrow Road to the Deep North

All artwork will be for sale, come have a look, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up something for Christmas!

PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 2nd December at 6.00pm, coinciding with the Travelling Through 2nd Birthday/Christmas Celebration party.


Past exhibitions:

November 16 – Isao Miura, “Travelling in the Footsteps of Matsuo Basho”

September/October 16 – Stephen Holder

July/August 16 – Piers Calvert,

June 16 – Rita Abreu, “A Journey Into Visual Poetry: from the UK to Portugal and back” Rita’s Work

May 16 – Madeleine McGivern, “Sage Tea & Sunshine, An Alternative View of Palestine”

April 16 – Charlotte David Harker, “Nowheres and the Perception of Imagery“. Artist’s Work here and here

March 16 – Renee Rilexie, “A Room of One Thousand Butterflies“. Renee’s Work

February 16 – Shobha Das, “Southern India and London Photography“.

January 16 – Crisis Members, “Creative Exploration“.

December 15 – Elke Counsell, “Paintings of Animals“. Elke’s Work

November 15 – Ian Hurley, “London and Ireland Perspectives“.  Ian’s Work

October 15 – Tomas Amare, “An Ethiopian Abroad.

August/September 15 – Rachel Wegh, “Exhibition of Wildlife Photography” Rachel’s Work

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