About Us

Travelling Through… is a modern fusion of independent bookshop, cafe, culture hub and art space with a specific focus on world culture, art and travel.  Our books are categorised by location rather than by genre providing the customer with an alternative way to discover and re-discover books from many latitudes, longitudes and cultural origins.  We will also showcase art & crafts and serve artisan bites from across the globe.  We are endeavouring to stock ethical products where ever possible, sourcing our stock from London’s world communities and suppliers with direct links to small socially-aware cooperatives.

Our aim is to provide the customer with a unique way to explore their cultural roots as well as those of others.  Whether a local resident, Londoner, commuter, or overseas visitor (and whether in person or by virtual means alone), we hope Travelling Through will become a natural extension of your everyday life, of your reading, your socialising and your cultural interests as well as your coffee or tea drinking habits.

Through books, art, and social events we aim to take you on a journey around the world while simultaneously travelling through London.

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